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Push Sportsmanship


Take the First Step Towards Your Future

Together, we can make your dreams a reality. Apply now and take the first step toward a bright future.


What Sets Talented Teen Club Push Program Apart

We confidently set attainable goals and recognize the progress and noteworthy accomplishments attained along the way.


The camp is designed to provide training in various events, including sprints, hurdles, and jumps.


The program is designed for participants of all ability levels, and the instruction is geared to help all students improve their skills. The program includes up-to-date techniques, video analysis,

and in-depth instruction.

Students have the opportunity to receive instruction from experienced coaches. Students have the chance to visit and train in a world-class facility.

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Our organization, TTC, has awarded $5.8 million in athletic scholarships to student-athletes over the past 12 years. We use sports to promote physical, mental, and emotional health and community involvement through our program, TTC RUN FOR LIFE.


Recently, TTC sent four athletes to the high indoor nationals in Boston, sponsored by New Balance, at their brand-new facility. This experience was positive for everyone involved, and it allowed these athletes to witness some of the top universities in the country up close. Each athlete performed well, preparing them for the upcoming outdoor track season. We have high expectations for our TTC athletes, as all of the girls have the top performances in their respective events heading into the regional meet.

Meet The Team & Members

Notable Alumni

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