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Talented Teen Club building teens' self-esteem through motivation and participation 


The Talented Teen Club reaches, teach, guide, and inspire underserved

youth toward healthy living.




Our children are our biggest investment. So invest wisely

 18 years of success
serving South Florida

Talented Teen Club (TTC) Founded in 2005 by Shawn Ho-Hing King, Talented Teen Club (TTC) is a non-profit organization based in Palm Beach County, Florida that is dedicated to providing at-risk young people with the resources and support they need to build their self-esteem and discover their talents. TTC engages local youth in year-round programming that addresses their academic, nutritional, physical, and interpersonal needs. TTC is now the fastest-growing club in South Florida, offering free tutoring, mentorships, social activities, athletic programs, vocational courses, free hygiene products, and a range of other innovative services and programs to over 1,000 local youth annually.


In recent years, Talented Teen Club has partnered with local organizations like the Dream Big Fund, and The Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, as well as received funding support from major sponsors like Henry Nias Foundation Courtesy of Vicki Tate, Community Foundation of Palm Beach, Truist Bank, Target, Publix, and the United Way of Palm Beach County. TTC’s motto is “Our children are our biggest investment.” TTC also believes every young person deserves a chance to shine, regardless of their circumstances. Talented Teen Club looks forward to taking the organization to even greater heights and forging new partnerships supporting TTC’s mission of empowering young people with the resources they need to succeed.

Shawn Ho-Hing King, Founder & CEO of Talented Teen Club (TTC)

Meet Shawn Ho-Hing King, the unstoppable force behind the Talented Teen Club (TTC) non-profit organization and multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Despite facing early hardships, including losing her mother at the tender age of 10 and becoming a single mother of two at a young age, Shawn rose above adversity. Eventually, she found her true calling: empowering underserved young people to discover their talents and build self-esteem.

Shawn’s legacy is a testament to the power of determination and the ability to turn setbacks into talents and adversity into triumph. Her passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of young people make her a true inspiration. She firmly believes that our children are our most significant investment and looks forward to forging new partnerships with like-minded organizations and investors that support TTC’s mission of empowering young people and providing them with the resources they need to succeed


Board Members

The Talented Teen Club (TTC)Nonprofit board members guide and oversee the organization's mission, strategies, and overall direction. TTC's core values and commitments are essential in ensuring the success and sustainability of the nonprofit. Here are some fundamental core values and commitments that nonprofit board members typically uphold:

 Mission-driven, Stewardship, Accountability, Teamwork, Fundraising: and Learning and Development.

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